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  • An Affinity for Success or Failure? by David Ewald, CAE and Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, CMP
    Non-dues revenue has steadily become more essential as associations aim to balance their budgets through diversified income streams. Membership dues are no longer the leading revenue source for many associations. The search for new sources of non-dues revenue often includes consideration of potential affinity programs. Read full article

  • Production Issues in the World of Associations by Eric Ewald, CAE, Vice President of Association Management
    Associations are typically service businesses (as opposed to manufacturing businesses) and there are some distinct issues affecting service businesses that, if understood, can help us more efficiently and effectively manage our associations. Read full article

  • New Thoughts on an Old Rule by David Ewald, CAE, President
    Most of us are familiar with the “80/20 Rule,” also known as the Pareto Law. The basic premise of the rule is that a minority of causes, inputs or effort usually lead to a majority of results, outputs or rewards. In our daily life, this may mean that 20% of our effort leads to 80% of the results, that 80% of our profits come from 20% of our customers or that 80% of crime is caused by 20% of all criminals. Read full article

  • Introduction to Robert's Rules of Order  by Shannon Pfarr Thompson, CAE, Vice President of Operations
    What is parliamentary procedure? It is a set of rules for conduct at meetings that allows everyone to be heard and to make decisions without confusion. Why is parliamentary procedure important? Because it is a time tested method of conducting business at meetings and public gatherings. It can be adapted to fit the needs of any organization. Read full article

  • 20 Ways to Enhance Your Meeting Experience by Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, CMP, Vice President of Communications & Technology
    It's never been a more exciting, daunting, challenging and chaotic time in association management. The economy, failing sectors, technology, generations, social and cultural diversity – all impact the business of associations. Read full article

  • Important Questions to Address before Starting a Strategic Planning Process by Eric Ewald, CAE, Vice President of Association Management
    What do you want to accomplish? Take some time as a group to consider, then articulate, your objective for the planning process. Some questions to think about: Are you facing a particular organizational crisis that must be addressed? Do you need to consider changes to your organization’s mission and vision, or are these still largely relevant? Read full article

  • A Successful Year Starts with a Solid Budget by Bill Monn, Vice President of Member Services
    A solid budget is the confluence of science and art that serves as the compass for the financial oversight of successful organizations. An organization built on your organization's track record provides timely and accurate guidance and a solid base to build your plan for the future. Read full article


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