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  • Technology on Purpose: Create Lasting Relevance by Integrating Data, Design and Content by Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, CMP, Vice President of Communications and Technology
    With the speed and sheer volume of information and tools available, associations need to strategically implement and integrate technology to create and enhance our relationship with our members. As our technology options continue to increase, our attention and capacity are decreasing.  Read full article

  • Building Your Association Community – From a Blueprint to a Home by Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, CMP, Vice President of Communications and Technology
    Today, information is free. Nearly anything an individual desires can be found with the right “Google” search. In a world of free information, there is a sense of anxiety among association professionals who have believed that a portion of their association’s value proposition was based on serving as the exclusive gateway to industry data. Read full article

  • Creating Results with Social Media by Darrin Hubbard, CAE, and Laurie Pumper, CAE
    The use of social media is exploding, as are the types of media available. How can an association stay on top of the rapidly shifting landscape? A strategic team approach helped bring results quickly for clients of an association management company. Read full article

  • What Makes Good Design by Nicki Brunner, Art Director
    Duan Coetzee, CEO of AdMakers, once said, “Creative people should be sales people, because design is a function of selling." Think about some of the successful companies out there. Read full article

  • How to Proofread Like a Pro by Laurie Pumper, CAE, Communication Director
    Want to feel like a kid again? Specifically, want to relive those awkward feelings of junior high, when almost everything was cause for embarrassment? Then send something to print without proofreading it. Errors in typography, layout and fact can all conspire to lower your credibility among your readers. Here are some tips to help you avoid those embarrassing moments. Read full article

  • 9 Marketing Ideas for Your Organization by Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, CMP, Vice President of Communications & Technology
    Many organizations are so busy with the daily operation of business that they put off marketing until they think they will have time. Schedule what you will do on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis with clear and realistic measurements of success. Read full article

  • 30 Ideas in 30 Pages
    30 Ideas in 30 Pages was developed from the Ewald Consulting seminar “30 Ideas in 30 Minutes.” Like the seminar, the publication focuses on 30 successful experiences from practitioners, consultants, and volunteers spanning 40+ organizations. Read full article

  • The Convergence of Social Media & Member Engagement by Laurie Pumper, CAE, Communication Director
    Social media platforms can offer associations a great way to keep members engaged. Learn a few tips in this 5-minute video of an IGNITE presentation that Laurie presented at the Midwest Society of Association Executives Annual Leadership Conference in October 2013.

  • Maximizing the Sponsorship Experience by Paul Hanscom, CAE, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
    Sponsorship creates a meaningful partnership between a vendor and your organization. Through sponsorship, a supplier demonstrates a commitment to advancing your organization and your industry as a whole. Sponsorship builds a vendor's credibility and develops a good rapport in the industry. Maximize the sponsorship experience both for your organization and for the sponsor by reading our short e-book.

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