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You had a great conference. Reinforce just how good it was with video — proof of happy attendees, great participation, dynamic speakers, networking and people having fun at your great venue. A recap video reminds participants of the value they experienced and justifies their conference investment. It can also be used as a recruiting tool and repurposed to promote the next conference.

ATSi Annual Conference Recap

ATSI themed its conference “Back to the Future” complete with ‘80s garb. Our conference recap video was done in the same fun spirit — including music that captures the ‘80s sound without copyright violations. Stick around for the “cookie” at the end.

MARRCH Conference Recap

One advantage of creating a conference recap video is it can be easily reedited as a promo to drive registrations for your next conference. Revisiting the testimonials from attendees is a terrific way to remind members of the excitement and value of attending.


Place can make a conference memorable. We capture the scenery beyond the hotel to reinforce those memories to members. End your recap with a reminder to come to the next conference. 

MTA Convention and Trade Show Recap

It’s important to show people having fun. That’s why this video is done mostly with pictures and music. There’s so much to show, we sped it up! It ends with a heartfelt statement about the importance of MTA.


To assure members that they could speak frankly at this conference and not have it recorded we used still cameras to capture much of the discussion. Despite the added challenge, we conveyed the energy of the meeting and member testimonials about the value of attending. 
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