Who’s Got Your Back? Talking Sponsors with Lucas McCann

In this episode, we revisit a 2022 episode featuring Lucas McCann, President, and CEO of Big Red M, an association management firm based out of Virginia. We will discuss sponsorship sales in a volatile environment and how you can make the most of your sponsors.


  1. Sponsors are out there. Despite the disruption to live events, sponsors are ready to come back in person or in a virtual capacity. Many associations have expanded sponsorship options to include more virtual and hybrid events.
  2. Understand the sponsor’s value proposition as well as the members’ needs. Would each party work well for the other? It is important to consider what impacts, good or bad, could come from a sponsorship.
  3. Don’t be afraid to say no. If a sponsorship is not a good fit for your organization, it’s better in the long run to give a prospective sponsor feedback up front.
  4. Communicate well. Ask the sponsor after the event if they found it beneficial and ask your members the same. These questions will help you maintain relationships and potentially develop a fruitful partnership with your sponsor.