Best Practices for Fundraising in 2022

It may seem that you need the exact right formula to have a successful fundraising campaign. As we navigate our day-to-day communications within our organizations, it can seem at times like our messages just pass through inboxes or get scrolled past on social media.   

When something as important as fundraising comes into play, it can be intimidating to approach the task. However, the advantage of fundraising (more than any other message) is that people want to help and any message about fundraising provides an easy call to action.  

Fundraising is crucial to your organization, and it provides an easy way for your members to help your mission and stay connected. In this post, we explore some best practices for fundraising in 2022. 

  1. Commit to a strategy: Q Giv explains that every good fundraising campaign needs a solid strategy. One idea they give is to focus on groups you know will be active in the campaign such as longtime members. Communicate with your team and decide how you want to navigate fundraising; then stick to it to make the process organized and clear. 
  2. Host an event: As COVID carries on into 2022, the opportunities for in-person events may be limited, but thankfully organizations have more experience in dynamic virtual events that can draw in potential donors. Donor Box recommends you start planning a fundraising event by determining your goals. This will help guide the event structure and place helping the organization at the heart of the event. 
  3. Create a landing page: Network for Good lists this as its first tip for organizations looking to fundraise. On this page, you should tell your story as an organization to help inspire those who could donate. This page should be simple, informative, and easy to navigate — make it is as easy as possible for people to donate. 
  4. Vary your means of communication: Donor Box suggests sending out segmented emails. This method has you send emails to various groups sectioned out by interest, age, goals, etc., so that you can speak to your members/audience in a more personal way. You may also want to up your social media presence during fundraising. You want to get out in front of your member base as much as possible.
  5. Measure your progress: Measuring progress is good for any new practice. With fundraising, it can help you see where your most viable donor base is. Q Giv suggests seeing where you get the most response and tailoring your strategy from there. 

Fundraising can not only help you gain resources for your organization, but also engage with your member base and help them feel involved. As we move through 2022, you may still have limited options for in-person engagement, but make the most of what works this year and the results will speak for themselves.