Making It Easier for Volunteers to Engage in Grassroots Advocacy

The Ewald Consulting Government Relations team provides various services to help associations achieve their legislative aims. Government Affairs Director Valerie Dosland says the team is well-equipped for success. “Each member of our team has previous experience working as legislative staff inside the Minnesota capitol and provides a broad range of skills to our lobbying team. Each of us specializes in specific issue areas — ranging from early childhood and K-12 education to health and human services, local government, elections, taxes, and transportation.”  

As government relations continue to evolve, the Ewald Consulting team remains vigilant to adapt and support its clients from a position of strength. “We have greatly expanded our capabilities to provide effective grassroots engagement strategies for our clients,” Valerie continues. “This includes bringing on grassroots advocacy software to make it easier for our clients to engage in the legislative process.” In the most recent legislative session, associations that leveraged grassroots advocacy tools to augment their impact saw engagement from members at higher levels than ever before.