Creating a Game Plan for Virtual Sponsorship Offerings

Virtual sponsorship opportunities give your supporting companies the ability to connect with your members and attendees in a completely different way than in person. They can gather more precise data points, improve their follow-up activities, and have prominent logo recognition throughout the event.

The key to successfully monetizing your virtual sponsorships is to avoid heavy discounts for your sponsorships and to increase the benefits. Applying a drastic discount to your virtual sponsorships will give the impression that the overall event is inferior to a normal, in-person event. We recommend keeping your sponsorship prices the same for your virtual event while adding additional value and benefits. After all, your sponsors are crucial to the financial success of your association. Giving them a few extra benefits will go a long way in your sponsorship retention efforts.

Those extra benefits may include playing a video in advance of a sponsored session, introducing a presenter, or rebooting the idea of an exhibit booth. Learn more about these ideas now: Download our new Guide to Record-setting Sponsorship & Advertising Sales Success.