Associations Next: Yearly Wrap-Up With David Ewald

In our third Associations Next annual wrap-up episode, we welcome back David Ewald to give us a rundown on 2022, and learn what he’s excited for in 2023.


  1. Hybrid is here to stay. After three years of the pandemic, it is clear that the way we live and work has changed. It is now possible to attend a conference across the globe without leaving your house. While this was necessary during the pandemic, it is now a preference of many association members. Consider and ask what your members think about your events.
  2. The Great Resignation is still very much in play. Between record-low unemployment rates and baby boomers leaving the work force, it is difficult to keep talent. However, this is an opportunity to lean on a younger generation who can help modernize your association.
  3. There will always be something new. As David said, in his 36 years at Ewald, “every year I go into the next year thinking I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it all and every year proves to me that I haven’t.” As we approach 2023, get excited for change and opportunity.